November 13, 2011

Black and blue!

My husband is the biggest proponent of neutrals there is. His closet is chock full of black, grey and navy and he loves it when I wear neutral colours too, although he has grown used to my more colourful outfits as well! He picked out today's outfit (with the exception of my tights) and I think it looks pretty good! :)

Outfit breakdown
top - allen solly, delhi (last seen here)
shorts - jacqueline riu, thrifted (last seen here)
denim jacket - camaieu, lyon (last seen here)
scarf - husband's
earrings - india
tights - gipsy via asos

Here's a closeup of my face so that you can get a better look at my makeup.

Makeup breakdown
fyrinnae darling misfit (pink with blue duochrome) - lid
urban decay gunmetal (sparkly grey) - crease
urban decay virgin (cream) - highlight
darling girl cosmetics midnight train eyeliner (navy with pink glitter)
diorshow extase mascara
tinted lip balm

I wore this on a trip to the zoo today and I felt comfortable yet stylish throughout the day! What do you guys think? :)


Style Journey said...

Your make up looks so pretty! Its nice to see the more up close photos :) the hubby did a great job helping pick your outfit. You look fab!

Ki said...

Style Journey: Thank you! :) I'm enjoying the close up photos too!

Pop! of Style said...

Love the jean jacket and the earrings are adorable!


Larie said...

I love those tights :D And your earrings give such a great pop of color! I am also a fan of neutral clothing + colorful accessories, like bright bags or shoes/boots or scarves or earrings. Such an easy way to get dressed, haha.

Ki said...

Pop of style: Thank you! :-)

Larie: Yup, accessories really do make all the difference :-D

prettyinthedesert said...

I love this outfit! The scarf is so cute!

Ki said...

Aseya: Thanks! :-)

Joyce said...

Cute and stylish outfit! Love it, especially your jacket :)

Megan Mae said...

You look so lovely. You look great. I love your earrings. That was sweet of your hubby to pick out your outfit. I wish I could talk mine into doing that!

Iris said...

Love the combo of blue and black. The earrings add a nice pop of colour too.

...and someday I shall try Fyrinnae cosmetics.

Ki said...

Joyce: Thank you :)

Megan Mae: Thanks! I actually didn't get him to do it, my husband often says 'why don't you wear this today?' and sometimes comes up with great outfits!

Ki said...

Iris: Thanks :) and you should! I agree that it is tough to find a time when their site is up and running, but once you try Fyrinnae, you will be hooked!

GenkiOriana said...

I really need to learn how to add pops of color like you do because I'm a huge fan of black, brown, and navy as well. ;) Adorable jacket!

Ki said...

Genki Oriana: Anything will do, a colourful bracelet, earrings, a hairband, a flower pin or brooch! It is the easiest way to make a limited wardrobe have endless possibilities!

Mia said...

Haha, I'm a big fan of the earrings--nice little bit of brightness. I like neutrals, but am definitely drawn more to bright colors, so going neutrals is a challenge for me. You're doing a great job rocking the neutral zone here!

Ki said...

Mia: Just like colours freak me out on some days! :P

RoboZelda said...

Cute! My BF only wears neutrals. When I do his laundry there really aren't ANY lights at all. XD He adds some color when he wears ties. When he's not in work clothes, he wears full suits where most people wear jeans + tshirt ;)