December 18, 2011


I'm in India right now and really enjoying being home! Thank you all for the lovely comments on my birthday post, I read each one on my cellphone and was so touched to see all your wishes. :)

Here's my outfit of the day.

Outfit breakdown
kurta - gifted (tailored to fit)
jeans - pimkie, lyon
earrings - mom's

And yes, for those of you who are wondering, I'm not wearing a sweater or a jacket. Why? Because Chennai, where my in laws stay, is really warm even at this time of the year! So I went back to one of the formulas I loved when I was in college - long cotton tunic (called a 'kurta') and jeans. Isn't it great? Very 'East meets West' :D I'm off to my parents' home in Delhi tomorrow though and it is freezing there! So expect to see a lot of layers, albeit with a few new clothes thrown in!

Ooh, before I forget to post them, here are a few pictures from our trip to Venice. :)


my birthday dinner at hard rock cafe!

rialto bridge

atop the bridge

st. mark's basilica

I wouldn't say I loved the city, but I'm glad I got to visit it atleast once! Have you been to Venice?


Slauditory said...

That kurta is so pretty! I like this look.

Ki said...

Slauditory: Thank you! :)

Larie said...

I want to travel!!! I do want to see Venice at least once. The goal is to do a Europe tour someday when S. and I both have real jobs ;)

Nandhini said...

I came across your blog just today and whoa, I love it already. Just read a few posts so far.

Venice looks very much inviting. :D Enjoy your stay in India. And the kurti looks pretty on you. :)

RoboZelda said...

I have been to Venice! It was in the summertime, July I think. 2003. It was really hot! I loved it :)

Cna said...

Love the ethnic wear! You hair is perfect.. I guess the type of hair is important for this cut, right? Enjoy your trip in India.

Ki said...

Larie: You'll really enjoy that! Europe has so much to offer! :D

Nandhini: Thanks! :) hope you stick around and keep reading!

Ki said...

Robo Zelda: It was SO cold when we went! We were shivering the entire time!

Cna: Thanks :) but I have thick hair that tangles easily and doesn't stick to one particular shape :P If I can rock this hair, anyone can!

Iris said...

Love the outfit and the kurta is beautiful.

Thanks for sharing your vacation photos. Amazingly beautiful. I've always wanted to visit Europe, especially Venice.

Ki said...

Iris: Thanks! I hope you get to visit Europe someday soon :)

Dhanya said...

Yeyyy you're in India now! I can imagine how you must be feeling ;) Missing Paris even a bit? Loved your birthday attire -- very stylish!

Joyce said...

Your kurta is gorgeous, looks great on you. I like how you wore it with jeans. hehe I just went to Venince during the summer :)

Style Journey said...

You look like you are having such a great time! You and your hubby are adorable :)