February 08, 2012

What style blogging has taught me - part III (30X30 Day 7)

So, now that I have reached 100 posts and posted almost as many outfits, I think I can finally share some of the stuff I've learnt in the past 6 months.

Here are Part I and II, although I suggest reading this part first and then the other two.

Know yourself
Style blogger or not, everyone should have some basic idea about their body type and the styles that suit them, the colours and styles that make them glow and the ones that make them look dull/sickly, and in which direction they want to move stylistically (or even what you want to move away from). Let me attack these three things one by one.

1.Body type/shape and flattering styles - Until a few months ago, I had no idea what my body shape was. I knew my body only through the issues I often faced when shopping for clothes - my bust looked huge in most tops, my tummy would show in very figure hugging clothes no matter how much weight I lost or put on etc.
Once I started blogging, I did some research on body types and got discouraged when I didn't fit into the traditional 'apple', 'hourglass' and 'pear' types! It was then that I discovered 'Inside Out Style', and realised that, with my widest part being my tummy, my body is an '8 shape'.
I can't say I follow all the rules/guidelines I found on this blog, but a lot of the things Imogen (the blog owner) says made so much sense to me. I have found, for example, that v necks and scoop neck tops work best for my bust and that I should emphasise my small waist to draw attention away from my tummy! I am dressing much more comfortably and confidently now!
The moral of the story? Know your body - it will both help you appreciate your best features and also help you resolve the issues you may have been facing for years.

2.Flattering colours - I'm sure you've heard this a million times, but we are all either warm or cool toned. There are people who are neutral (with olive complexions), but even they lean a tiny bit warm or cool. Here are some links which may help you figure out whether you are warm or cool - 1, 2 and 3. Based on this, we can figure out which colours suit us and which colours don't.
For example, I am neutral to warm, so I know that I look best in cream as opposed to stark white, tomato red as opposed to blue based red and grey instead of black. There can be exceptions though, and I find that despite looking best in warmer colours, I love fuchsia on me, which is a cool colour.
And whenever I wear the colours that suit me, I get complimented on my glowing complexion! I do wear colours that aren't the best for me, but I wear them away from my face.
The moral of the story? Figure out which colours suit you best - they will make you look like a million bucks!

3.Your style journey - What do you want yourself to look like stylistically? I know that I want to look more polished, I know I want to incorporate more Indian clothes/elements into my style, I know that I want to add in more skirts and dresses for a feminine look. And I'm working on these, both when I get dressed everyday and when I shop for clothes.
I have come up with these points after a lot of work - analysing my favourite items of clothing and my least favourite ones, revisiting my daily outfits and figuring out what I like/dislike about them and copying some looks from my favourite bloggers and celebrities to see if they work for me. And I've definitely started coming up with outfits that are more 'me', in which I feel fabulous! :) But this doesn't mean that I've stopped working on my style. I know that I have a long way to go and that, as time passes, my style will keep evolving to become better and better.
The moral of the story? Working on your style is definitely worth it!

Here is me incorporating some of these rules into an outfit and disregarding others.

I'm wearing a crew neck top that isn't the greatest for my big bust, but I'm also wearing a blazer that is fitted and emphasises my waist. I'm wearing red and pink which are great colours for me, but I'm also wearing pants instead of a skirt.

So you see, that none of the above mentioned rules is set in stone. And you needn't always stick to them because, at the end of the day, what you're wearing should make you happy. But it doesn't hurt to know yourself and your style a little better, right? :)

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Soniya said...

I am loving your past 3 posts. The info is very practical (since it obviously comes from your experience), and as I am reading them I come across all the issues that I have with styling!..Thanks:)

Ki said...

Soniya: Thank you! I really love that you are finding these posts useful :)

Sheila said...

Super outfit, Ki! I love your coloured jeans!

Ki said...

Sheila: Eeeee thanks!!! :D

Loren said...

I love the pinks & reds. And I'm enjoying your 'what I've learned posts' I tried for a long time to figure out if I was a 'warm or a cool' I gave up eventually and just started wearing colors that I think look good on me. I'm still a little clueless I think about the color thing.

Ki said...

Loren: Thank you! I kind of figured it out when I was going through my makeup phase! I do wear both cool and warm colours though, so it isn't like I follow the warm and cool thing 100% myself :P

Megan Mae said...

Adorable look! Love the use of the scarf.

I personally think the color thing isn't true. I don't really fit with any set of colors. I think people should use what I call the "mirror" trick. Hold the fabric by your face and your eye should tell you you whether it washes you out or not.

I like taking the same color but in slightly different tones and shades and using them to figure out which works best. This is easiest to do in a place like Goodwill that has their clothes sorted by color.

Ki said...

Megan Mae: Thanks! :) Ah, but even with the mirror trick, you do have some colours and hues that suit you and some that don't right? Whatever works for you :) and you wear some really flattering colours! :D

KelleyJohnson07 said...

agreed on all counts :) As long as you feel great, you're allowed to break the rules sometimes :)

Sara said...

Oh I think that you dress wonderfully and I love the colors you are wearing in today's look. You really know what looks good on you!

Ki said...

Kelley: Totally :D

Sara: Wow thanks! I'm still learning though!