March 26, 2012

The 15 for 15 challenge - Day #1

Yesterday, I packed away most of my clothes as we are shifting house. After organising what is left and doing some laundry, I discovered that I have 15 items left - 5 tops, 5 jackets, 4 bottoms and 1 dress. I will have to make do with these for atleast 10-15 days - the plan is to keep these out till the last day and then, to wear them out of a suitcase till I can get the rest of my stuff organised. :P
So I've decided to make it fun - a 15 for 15 challenge!
Here's a list of my 15 items:
1.Dark teal t shirt
2.Pink turtleneck
3.Blue and green striped t shirt
4.Navy and red striped t shirt
5.Indian kurti top
6.Brown cord pants
7.Blue jeans
8.Red pants

9.Yellow pants
10.Blue denim jacket
11.Red denim jacket
12.Brown asymmetrical jacket
13.Black blazer
14.Leather jacket
15.Grey-black houndstooth dress
Here's my first outfit, featuring the pink turtleneck, brown jacket and jeans.

Wish me luck! I'm not sure I will have an internet connection throughout, but I promise to take photos of each outfit so that I can post them. :) 
P.S. Did you notice my new shoes? What do you think of the two toned oxford trend? I am in love with them and I'm already eyeing this black and white pair!

P.P.S. I'm linking up to Patti's Visible Monday post - this jacket and these shoes made me feel pretty confident all day! :)

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