May 31, 2012

The 'normal' outfit

My brother and cousin are pretty amused that I click pictures of what I wear everyday for a blog. This morning, after I got dressed, my brother commented that I looked nice. When I asked him why he hadn't complimented my outfits in Paris, he said that were all 'outrageous'! Maybe it was all the colour and pattern? Oh well, this is my style and I love it! :D

Here's the outfit that seemed nice and normal to him - just a blouse, jeans and flats. 

I like the simplicity of this outfit too. Sometimes, all I want to do is wear jeans. It is just so easy! But I am definitely looking forward to wearing skirts and shorts in summer, especially since I bought three amazing skirts in Paris.

The lace skirt and animal print skirt are from Zara and the red skirt is from Mango.

I know it is a little silly to go on vacation and buy the same brands that you get back home. But in my defense, my husband and I went to several stores where nothing looked or felt right. It was only in the last hour of my shopping trip that I found these and so I couldn't help snapping them up!

What do you think of these skirts? And do you think my outfits are 'over the top'?!

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